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ERIK BJERKESJÖ BRAND IDENTITY AND IMAGERY Erik Bjerkesjö’s vision to make innovative, elegant design combines Swedish design heritage with the best craftsmanship in the world. The shoes are entirely handmade in the rich, rolling green hills of Tuscany. After laborious weeks and many, many hours of care by craftsmen who have poured over each detail, the shoe is born: An exquisite, wholly one-hundred percent one-of-a-kind handmade treasure, quintessentially beautiful and unmistakable in its artisan craftsmanship.

The brand identity, created by Anton Grahnström and Sakari Paananen (Unestablished), is based on Swedish font designer Karl-Erik Forsberg’s Carolus drawn in 1954. When formulating the label, the creation of imagery was an equally important initial step. In a long and intimate process with the designer, his philosophy, personality and style was interpreted. The result is a sophisticated and surrealistic presentation, where the designer’s vision is fully expressed.