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Minimarket is an award-winning Swedish brand – famous for their bold, personal and colorful approach on retail fashion. All Minimarket collections have a highly visible theme, following the designers' personal inspiration rather than contemporary trends.

When creating the ss14 campaign we worked together on defining and clarifying "the Minimarket character" – a powerful girl from the suburbs with a "bad" attitude. The ss14 theme was called "Meanwhile at Mardi Gras".

For a long time Minimarket had spent their whole photography and printing budget on a two-day photoshoot resulting in a dozen of images that were somewhere in between campaign and look-book imagery, from which they created a thin "look-book" only covering a fraction of the full collection. After restructuring the set-up for ss14 we instead chose to create just a couple of high class campaign shots during a focused one day shoot – giving us more time for each shot, enabling more creative styling concepts and a shoot on location instead of in a studio. Then we coordinated shoots for the look-book and the web shop – which, together with a more cost effective printing format, resulted in a look-book that covers the full collection of items and also has a richer print production finish. Like magic.