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Nisch Management is a Scandinavian modeling agency based in Stockholm. Nisch challenges the modeling business by casting models with a wider, and more individual, range of beauty – which they want to highlight rather than disguise. Nisch is the alternative player who is stirring up an otherwise conservative business. The brand was pretty much undeveloped, both strategically and aesthetically, since the startup and was lacking a proper strategic platform. The identity they had quickly put together when starting up did neither reflect their "challenger" position nor their alternative perspectives on beauty. On the contrary – the brand identity was pretty much just blending in among the other agencies' identities.

After analyzing the competitors and clarifying Nisch Management's mission, position and brand statement – we created a strategy in which Nisch would both follow category codes (being a small challenger brand) but at the same break them, in order to emphasize the brands position as a cool, innovative and alternative brand. The identity is based on a very classic and elegant typeface, but the dictionary-like typesetting gives it a subversive, anti-conservative, dimension. The logo follows the same concept – the brackets emphasizes the meaning of the word "nisch" – and is almost a kind of anti-logo. The identity is merely a way of setting text, than a traditional identity – which creates a simplistic, alternative, but yet very clean and elegant identity.

Instead of splashing up a glamorous shot from the latest campaign to cover the front page of the website, we choose to go directly to the core of Nisch's mission – showing the range of characters the represent along with their mission statement. The website is an important tool for the day-to-day business, including a range of functional features – which also corresponds perfectly with the new look and feel of the brand. The website is designed to work on all devices from desktop computers to smartphones. Visit: nischmanagement.se